About Filenote.ai - By BLV Solutions

Automating wealth management with AI expertise

BLV Solutions was created when the founders recognised there was no one else effectively offering automation and AI solutions for wealth management firms.  Our aim was to solve common pain points across wealth management and to deliver a significant return on investment quickly.

Traditionally, wealth management firms either perform their processes manually in house or offshore. Automation offers an alternative, whereby financial planning firms can now free up time quickly, whilst ensuring their processes are free from errors and are performed quickly.

Our deep experience in automating manual processes within wealth management firms has enabled us to develop solutions that solve common pain points for the sector.  Filenote.ai is one of these solutions.

Why filenote.ai was created

Every time we have asked an advisor what takes up a lot of their time, they would consistently tell us ‘writing file notes’. Our clients would also tell us they had tried using other generic meeting summarisation tools, however the feedback consistently was that these tools did not produce something that resembled a file note and the rework time was too high.

With this in mind, we embarked on a mission to develop a file note solution designed for advisors. We wanted our solution to be easy to use, create a better file note than an advisor could create manually and free up a significant amount of their time. 
Filenote.ai is not your usual meeting summarisation tool. It recognises wealth management terminology, the output is far more comprehensive and categorises the notes into sections useful to advisors.
Our clients are telling us they are saving a significant amount of time, it’s easy to implement, and as a result they can spend more time with clients. 

AI Experts: hundreds of processes automated

Wealth Management Specialists: Solving your pain points

Rapid ROI: Time and money saved

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What our clients say

Spend less time note taking, and more time with clients



Saved per file note



Days saved per year



Return on investment

What we stand for...


Our vision is to make automation accessible for all wealth management firms


Our purpose is to improve processes to make an immediate positive impact

Our values

Customer first

We value service above everything else and aim to exceed expectations.

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We always take the high road and treat people with respect.

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We take the time to understand your why and don’t fear challenging the status quo.

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We value service above everything else and aim to exceed expectations.