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" drastically cuts down review time for file notes and helps verify crucial meeting points, proving to be an invaluable addition."

Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport
FMD Financial

"We have tried a few AI tools however is a step above the rest, saving hours of time in post-meeting review notes. I cannot recommend enough."

Chris Reid
Chris Reid
Managing Director
HUB Financial Advice

" has been an absolute game-changer - I've reclaimed a whopping 15 hours per week per advisor. I whole-heartedly endorse - you won't regret it."

Roy Friend
Roy Friend
Partner B.Bus (Acc) CPA
Cambio Group

"The bane of my life as a financial adviser is writing diary notes. has been a game changer and it keeps getting better. Strongly recommend."

Tyson Crotty AFP®
Tyson Crotty AFP®
Senior Financial Advisor / Director

" has been the single highest impact to our productivity to-date. It was quick and easy to implement and saves us between 40 and 50 minutes per file note."

Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts
Wybenga Financial

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How much time can our advisors expect to save?

Advisors have told us they save roughly 30 minutes per file note using So on average, we’ve worked out that most advisors free up 30 days per year using The exciting part is what you choose to do with this time -  spending more time with existing clients or taking on new clients are just some examples.

Whilst saving time is a big benefit, it is not the only benefit of using Our clients are telling us:

  • the file notes written by are more comprehensive than advisors were manually producing  
  • our file notes are compliance friendly - we’ve been told saving on 1 complaint easily covers the cost of
  • our file notes are the perfect tool for managers to easily identify performance gaps
What do our advisors need to change to implement

The good news is - not much! All your advisors need to do is hit record - the rest is taken care of.

Once a recording is available, retrieves it and automatically produces a comprehensive file note that lands in your advisor's inbox.

How do I sign up to

It’s a few simple steps: 

  • Step 1. Sign up for free trial OR you can schedule a demo with us
  • Step 2. Complete registration link (sent once you sign up)
  • Step 3. Provide us with number of users and emails
  • Step 4. Your IT to set permissions so can access your videos

Once signed up, hit record and you’ll start receiving AI generated file notes

I’ve signed up, now how do I get started?

It’s simple. Record you client meetings using either Teams or Zoom, using any supported device (laptop, phone or website browser)

Using Teams:

  1. Virtual meeting: join your existing meeting and click ‘Record’
  2. In-person meeting: start a new meeting using the Team app on your phone or laptop and click ‘Record’ 

Using Zoom:

  1. Virtual meeting: join your existing meeting and click ‘Record’
  2. In-person meeting: start a new meeting using the Zoom app on your phone or laptop and click ‘Record’ will retrieve your recorded meetings overnight and email you the File Notes

How much does cost?

We offer streamlined cost effective pricing per advisor, with 100% of our clients reporting strong returns on investment. To find out more, please see the Pricing page.

What does my IT need to do to set up

Not a lot! A simple IT set up guide will be provided to you as part of the onboarding. This guide gives all the required information for your IT group to enable

Depending on whether you choose to deploy via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, the process differs slightly. Either way, it should take no more than 20 minutes to deploy!

How does work if my meetings are in person?

If you are meeting with your client in person, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the Teams or Zoom app using your phone or Laptop
  2. Click Record

It’s as simple as that.

Can we use our company’s File Note template?

Absolutely. You have the choice of using our sector leading File Note template, OR

you can provide your own file note template. The custom template option is only available on the PRO or Enterprise plans.

What if our advisors are hesitant to record client meetings?

This hesitation from advisors is very normal. With that said, the clients that have started recording have reported no push back from clients.

In fact, the use of demonstrates to clients an effort to gain operational efficiencies and contain costs for the client. A win win!

What helps with this is the messaging – advisors have been telling their clients they are recording their meetings to get more efficient, so that rather than note taking, advisors can spend more time adding value for the client.

It’s worth also noting, advisors can pause the recording at any time if they’re discussing anything sensitive.

What happens to the recording once you have it?

Recordings are purged immediately after the creation of a file note. We maintain some log data which does not contain any personal identifiable information for a short retention period and they are purged after the retention period.

How do you manage privacy and data security?

We take privacy and data security very seriously. Our underlying platforms are SoC2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant and we maintain stringent and isolated infrastructures. Please refer to our privacy policy for details about how we handle your information.

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